For Owners

Your strata lot is likely the biggest investment of your life. It is essential you protect that investment and enhance your property values. A strata dispute negatively impacts on those values and can make you feel like your investment is at risk. In our experience, many strata disputes stem from a lack of knowledge. As an owner, you have considerable rights and obligations, and it is essential you know how to work within those rights and obligations. That way, you give yourself the best chance of putting your interests first and foremost in your strata scheme.

Our approach to your strata issue is based on this fundamental understanding about your investment. We take the view that you do not need to be friends in strata. Instead, you need to have a solid business relationship with your committee, other owners, the caretaker and strata manager. Our strategic advice, including our problem-solving conferences, help you establish that working relationship. If you need it, we can guide you through matters in the Commissioner’s Office. For some clients, we can be engaged on an ongoing basis for particularly involved issues, giving you assurance and peace of mind as you navigate through challenging strata issues. We can also be engaged to be your representative as a proxy, Power of Attorney or corporate nominee, for strata meetings or on the strata roll, and we can put together the right lobbying campaign for you to get the outcomes you want at a meeting, be in a motion being passed or you being elected to the committee.

One of our unique strata services is facilitating a discussion between you and the committee over issues of contention. We reach out to the committee to invite them to the discussion, and we also set an agenda and participate in the discussion with you. Communication and mediation techniques are used to try to have a constructive and persuasive discussion that ideally, would result in your case being further or matter being addressed. This is a far preferable outcome than applying for conciliation or adjudication.

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