For Strata Managers

There are two main ways we help strata managers. Firstly, we are the option for you when your committee has a problem that is beyond their management. By engaging us to help with a challenging situation in your portfolio, you demonstrate to your clients that you are not just a plodder or paper-pusher: you are prepared to think out of the box and wanting to look for constructive solutions. This puts you in a good position when it is time to renew your agreement.

Secondly, we offer direct assistance to strata managers and strata management firms. We offer tailored training and development opportunities, based on our unrivalled expertise in strata legislation. We offer a Help Desk solution that actively pursues problem-solving outcomes. We do more than recite a section of legislation. We contextualise legislation, we identify opportunity and risk, and we give you tools that you can use to navigate through the trickiest of situations within your portfolio. Our training and development services are not about promoting a product or service or prioritising the interests of a sponsor. We talk plainly and directly with you and your colleagues so that you feel confident and assured in carrying out your role. This is what can give you an edge over your competitors when pitching for new work. At a time when strata managers are under more pressure and scrutiny than ever before, our independent, strategic advice can help you build your most authentic selves.

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