For Committees

Being on a strata committee is sometimes a thankless task. You volunteer to be part of doing something meaningful for your strata scheme, and yet you can be besieged with issues, complaints and disputes which soak up your valuable time and add considerable stress to your life. Having the assistance of a strata expert can take away the challenges, give you back you time and help you execute your responsibilities as a committee. We can provide you with strategic, practical advice on how to deal with a challenging issue or person) and we can be the buffer between the committee and that challenge. We can also advise on the by-law process, including how they are enforced and, crucially, why there may be better options than by-laws.

We also help committees lobby for outcomes they want. Sometimes there are motions on an agenda that are sensitive and contentious and which as a committee, you know are essential for the future health of the scheme. We craft persuasive communications to help you ensure these outcomes are achieved. One of our unique services is holding town hall forums with owners. These forums are an excellent means of engaging with as many people as possible prior to a meeting, to get across positive messages and help explain to owners why it is that you are seeking their endorsement. We have great success working with committees on these forums.

Sometimes, there might not be a dispute. Instead, your committee needs help to navigate through an especially challenging decision-making process. There is no guidebook for good strata decision-making and nor can you outsource your legislated decision-making responsibilities. Instead, you can turn to us. We have a methodical process in which we identify the risks, opportunities and options. We use our unrivalled insight into the processes of the Commissioner’s Office to help inform the committee how the issue might be regarded by adjudicators. In short, we give the committee everything it needs to make reasonable decisions.

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