About Us

Chris Irons Body Corporate Commissioner

Did you know there is only one Body Corporate Commissioner in the world – and for over 5 years, Chris Irons was it?

Chris is a thought leader for the strata sector. He provides a unique perspective on solving body corporate issues. As Commissioner, Chris saw just and heard just about everything in strata, so he is rarely surprised by the breadth or type of problems out there. Chris takes the view there is a solution to every strata problem.

That approach comes from Chris’s background. For over 2 decades, Chris held senior roles in Queensland’s public sector, with considerable experience in drafting legislation, policy development and the workings of Cabinet and Parliament. Chris also has an Honours degree in Communications and values the importance of the right words and language in strata situations. He combines these experiences in trying to resolve strata issues and give parties confidence, without the need for legal proceedings. Chris is a trained mediator, well-known public speaker and media commentator on strata issues. He speaks at strata conferences and forums Australia-wide and works with related industry sectors, such as the real estate sector.

Chris Irons and Ernest

In his spare time, Chris is also President of a community legal service on Brisbane’s north side, enjoys watching the Brisbane Lions and is sometimes persuaded by the charms of a well-made cocktail.

Fun fact: Chris is an occupier (tenant) in a community titles scheme, in addition to being an owner (and chairperson) in a different strata scheme. So, he knows about the vagaries and nuances of strata from all sides. Chris is pictured here with Ernest, the former racing greyhound who went through a rigorous strata approval process to become Strata Solve’s most valued employee. While Ernest has sadly passed, his attitude and spirit (and yes, determination to get his way) live on as part of Strata Solve.

Chris founded Strata Solve because he wants to achieve a positive difference in the way things operate in the strata sector. Chris is not a lawyer. While he knows that sometimes legal proceedings will be the only way to address a strata situation, he thinks there are often different and better ways to get results and that in most cases, legal proceedings are not the answer. Words are Chris’s tools of the trade: in strata, the correct and appropriate use of language is usually the difference between a good, and not good, outcome.

You can book an appointment with Chris to discuss how your strata issue can be best resolved.