Welcome to Strata Solve

Strata Solve is Queensland’s leading strata dispute resolution and problem-solving firm. Not only do we resolve strata disputes, we help you prevent them happening again. Most important of all, we equip you with the strategy you need to protect your strata investment. Getting your confident, assured and composed about strata is our aim.

We are subject matter experts in Queensland strata legislation. Strata Solve also provides services for other jurisdictions. That is because our focus is on communications: effective, constructive strata communications transcends borders.

Our expertise comes from our Director Chris Irons, formerly Queensland’s Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management. That is the only role of its type in the world. Chris has seen and heard virtually everything in strata. Even so, Chris knows that strata is about treating each case on its merits: no two strata issues are the same. That means Strata Solve develops tailored solution for each of our clients.

We think you are reading this because you have a strata problem. You may be unsure how to deal with it. You know is that it is causing you time, money and grief. You think there is a way through it all, yet because strata legislation is complex, the solutions are elusive.

Maybe you want to reduce the pressure of the situation and get some separation between it and you, by having it looked at with a fresh pair of eyes. Perhaps you need strata expertise, based on years of experience, with someone to give you some guidance and clarity on your options. Or you want some practical, straight-talking, strategic advice about your strata situation.

Welcome, then, to Strata Solve. With the unparalleled expertise of Chris Irons at the helm, we look forward to untangling strata problems with you, one thread at a time. Take a look at our services, then get in touch about your strata problem. Or you can book a consultation with us at a time to suit.

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