For Caretakers

We refer to caretakers as management rights (MR) holders. That is because your role is far more than simply caretaking. You are the cog around which the strata scheme exists: it is your efforts which sees the scheme operating optimally and positively contributing to owners’ property values in the process. And yet we also know there is widespread misunderstanding about the role of a MR holder. Which makes our assistance so vital: we work with MR holders to give you confidence and assurance about your role and in the process, help protect the substantial investment you have made. We think effective, constructive communications are essential for the MR holder. Whether you need to canvass for support amongst owners or need to know how to better engage with the committee, we can advise on you on an effective communications plan.

We also know that when it comes to MR disputes, the formal processes are long, cumbersome and very expensive. In short, they are something to avoid at all costs. That is why we think mediation is ideal: it addresses the cause of the dispute and helps establish the working relationship you need to avoid the stress that can permeate your relationship with the committee. Mediation can be used to reduce issues of contention prior to negotiations around the terms of your management agreement.

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