Reply All!

By Chris Irons

Why communicate one-on-one, when you can include the rest of the world into your email? So thinks the CC-er, for whom the use of the CC or BC options on an email are a chance to involve multiple resources, authorities and representatives into their pressing strata issue.

Catch cry: ‘TO: The Governor-General, the Honourable the Prime Minister…’

Red Flags: you will likely have a CC-er on your hands if:

  • Every email, no matter how benign or routine, has at least 10 other people included on it, not all of which are even involved with the scheme; or
  • Your inbox quickly overflows with ‘out-of-office’ messages or emails from the many and various people who have been included in the original message.

The Good: where the committee and its decision-making is concerned, ensuring all members of it are included on essential emails necessary for the decision is vital. Therefore, the CC-er is in fact exhibiting aspects of good governance and they should not be sidelined simply for doing so.

The Bad: our view is that the more people who are included in communications, the higher the chances that things will become confused, or taken off track, or that a dispute will arise. Why? Because people are people and at some point, one of the CC-ed parties will want to get involved. The CC-er wouldn’t include them otherwise.  

Making the CC-er Work For the Scheme: the CC-er is seemingly an ideal choice for ensuring communiques go to all committee members, or all owners, when that is necessary.

What Can We Do When It Becomes a Problem? The best thing in our view is to not respond in kind. Simply because someone CCs all and sundry does not compel the recipient to do the same.  Be selective with hitting ‘reply all’ and confine your responses to being one-on-one wherever possible and appropriate.

Fun Fact: not so much a fun fact as a possible option, investigate what tools or filters your email system has for receiving and sifting emails. Might there be a tech solution to the actions of the CC-er?

Think You May Be a CC-er? Perhaps ask yourself if everyone you have been CC-ing of late would really be that interested in what you have to say, or would even have time to read it. We think it unlikely that every State and Territory leader is keen to know about strata concern…

Can Strata Solve Assist? Sure can! Drop us a line to see how we can assist with this and related strata issues.

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