Coordinate, Schedule, Repeat

By Chris Irons

Working bee? Social event? Meeting arrangements? Scheduling? The Organiser does it all! In another life, the Organiser would be a caretaker or strata manager. Instead, they contribute what they see as their helpful organising skills, not realising that sometimes too many cooks spoil the strata broth.

Catch cry: ‘How about I put together a plan of attack for that?’

Red Flags: you may have an Organiser on your hands if you hear the following:

  • ‘Perhaps you could give me access to your calendars and I can sort out a good date and time…’
  • ‘Let’s get the arrangements for that sorted out now and then we can come back to the discussion later’

The Good: brilliant for getting practicalities happening, the Organiser is a project manager, rostering clerk and executive assistant all rolled into one. For strata schemes that sometimes are not great with detail, the Organiser is the one that can drag them into the light and get things done.

The Bad: the Organiser can often make the mistake of believe people are also things to be organised. They are not, of course, and many people react badly when they feel they are being ‘allocated’ or ‘arranged’. Contributing too much, the Organiser can also muddy waters and inadvertently lead the scheme to lose sight of its key objectives.

Making the Organiser Work For the Scheme: on the committee, the Organiser can take on a role of coordinating tasks, even if they do not hold an executive position. Giving the Organiser defined roles ensures they do not overstep and that everyone carries out their suite of responsibilities.

What Can We Do When It Becomes a Problem? Maybe the Organiser is becoming frustrated at what they see as a lack of coordination? If so, be sure that there is nothing going on at the scheme that is, well, disorganised. Gently yet clearly remind the Organiser of what their role is, especially if they are not on the committee.

Fun Fact: the Organiser might be very comfortable in their own space but perhaps lack confidence on more abstract concepts, such as legislative absorption. So do they maybe need the comfort of some training and coaching?

Think You May Be an Organiser? That’s great, but remember, people are not situations or objects to be organised. They have emotional responses and sometimes transact without sticking to rationale or reason. Strata is rarely a fully rationalised reality!

Can Strata Solve Assist? Sure can! Drop us a line to see how we can assist with this and related strata issues.

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