Our Approach To Solving Strata Problems

  • We focus on cause rather than effect
  • We give you a circuit breaker to move things forward
  • We define the problems and in turn make solutions practical

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Solving strata problems. That’s what you want, right?

Being part of strata is tough. Strata laws are complex and technical. Things take time and are subject to group decision-making. Rarely is anything black and white. At the heart of it all is one fundamental fact: if you are involved with strata, you have a significant financial investment that you need to protect and grow. A protracted strata dispute can jeopardise that investment, leading to stress.

These are things you want to avoid. That is where Strata Solve comes in. We have an unmatched perspective on strata issues. Our knowledge or what works (and what doesn’t) in strata will save you time, money and toil. With a variety of services at our disposal and using tailored solutions to suit individual circumstances, Strata Solve aims to help clients avoid the need for lengthy legal proceedings. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice. There is a time and place for that: our view is that most of the time, there are much better options than legal proceedings. Why is that? Because every time a strata dispute is resolved by legal proceedings, it ends up on the public record – and that impacts on your property values.

We take a triage approach to solving strata problems: when you feel unwell, you go to the doctor or to the hospital, you describe your symptoms, you give a bit of history about what you have been doing and then the professional staff will try to diagnose based on the tools they have at their disposal. We do the same. So when you come to us and say you have a problem with someone in your strata scheme, we look more deeply than simply that issue. We look at what has led you to that point and what other factors are at play. In our experience, many people – even those who have been in strata for a long time – target their efforts on the symptoms only. That is not going to cut it, in our view and runs the risk of things dragging on for far longer than they should.

We are also about straight talking. That means we take confusing strata concepts and make them practical and real to clients. We would never make anything up – we always look at what legislation actually tells us- and instead, we give the practical application of the words on the page. You might, for example, know there are ‘by-laws’, but do you know how they are made, how they are changed or how they are enforced, as well as the pros and cons inherent in these questions? We do and we spend the time making sure you understand the ‘why’ as much as the ‘what’.

We also talk about all the options open to clients. There may be a formal option (proceeding) open to you, which you can pursue even as you initiate some informal proceedings. Sometimes in strata, left field thinking can make all the difference. We are very happy to look outside of the box to get you a solution we think will work in your situation. At the end of the day, we want you to be left with more options and strategies than when you started.

And in the unlikely event we do not know how to solve your strata issue, we will tell you who we think can or even better, how you can find out how to solve it yourself.