How we untangle

  • We focus on cause rather than effect
  • We become your circuit breaker to move things forward
  • We define the problem and make it practical

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Being part of a body corporate can be tough work. Strata laws are complex and technical. Things take time and are subject to group decision-making. Rarely is anything simple or black and white. At the heart of it all is one fundamental fact: if you are involved with strata, you have a significant financial investment that you need to protect and grow. A protracted strata dispute can jeopardise that investment, leading to stress.

These are things you want to avoid, at all costs. That is where Strata Solve comes in. We have an unmatched perspective on strata issues. Our knowledge or what works (and what doesn’t) in strata will save you time, money and toil. With a variety of services at our disposal and using tailored solutions to suit individual circumstances, Strata Solve aims to help clients avoid the need for lengthy legal proceedings. We take your strata issues, break them down and make them manageable again. We take the pressure down and give clients the chance to reset and focus on what is important.

Each strata issue is different, just like each strata is different from the next. That means our solutions will never be framed in terms of black or white: instead, you will get strategic advice about your strata issue. We think our clients will feel empowered and confident to engage with their strata rights and responsibilities.

We are all about straight talking. That means we take confusing strata concepts and make them practical and real to clients. We also talk about all the options open to clients: even those which seem unorthodox. Sometimes in strata, left eld thinking can make all the difference.

We’re not lawyers. We are problem-solvers. We untangle strata problems.